Are you looking for a company that supports its customers' ideas - as well as your own? At Kenotronix, you will feel at home.

Kenotronix Ltée is a web hosting, virtualization and colocation service provider based in Quebec, Canada. Since 2011, the company has provided businesses around the world with reliable information, professional services, hosting websites, emails, business applications, and other Internet content.

5000+ Registered domains

1000+ Hosted Website

20+ years of existence

who are we

For years, we’ve taken complex technologies and made them simple for website owners.

Now equipped at the cutting edge of technology and with a large number of servers, Kenotronix is able to guarantee a level of availability unmatched in the market.

In addition, Kenotronix sincerely believes in the possibility of making a difference in his community. This is why Kenotronix also feels indebted to the companies and communities that have enabled it to rise through the ranks at this lightning speed.

Building on our commercial success, which has stimulated the economic growth of various companies, and our willingness to thank the people who placed their trust in us, Kenotronix is proud to invest part of its profits in the community through its philanthropic actions. Kenotronix tries by the very fact to share with others, its success, its experience and its knowledge.

A company with a big heart and very sensitive to the needs and problems of people, Kenotronix wishes to support the involvement and action of different organizations and stakeholders.



Team work

Kenotronix relies on very smart people, but we’ve found that the best results don’t come from geniuses locked in desks. Together with you, we seek new perspectives and innovative solutions. It helps us not to get stuck in the past.

Experimentation animates our daily lives, giving us a glimpse of the challenges that the future of accommodation has in store for us. It’s this type of collaborative approach that fuels our own success.

evolution of techno, from monkey to cell phone



The trust of our users is Kenotronix’s greatest asset. We have been listening to our customers since 1998 and use this contribution to plan for the future which often takes the form of research and experimentation.

In 2006, with the acquisition of MyTradeCenter, Kenotronix placed it as the undisputed leader in hosting in Quebec.

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