To know all about our partnership programs

Earn at least 20% and sometimes even up to 50%, or even $ 50 on every sale you make. Promote a service you love and join one of our programs that will enhance your partnership. You can join more than one program, but members of more than one program are only eligible for the benefits of one of the programs. Unfortunately, the advantages cannot be combined!

Refer a friend!

Have you ever wished you could get cash when you tell your friends, family and followers on social media about the great service you receive from Kenotronix? The Refer a Friend referral program offers you exactly that opportunity. As a Kenotronix customer, you earn a $ 50 credit for everyone you refer to Kenotronix!


It’s easy to sell our hosting to your audience! Making money as an affiliate is a snap.
Just place one of our banners or links where your visitors, customers and friends will see them and earn money on every qualifying sale made through your ads. This will earn you 25% for each new customer you send us through your affiliate link. Your income can add up faster than you might think.


Since our inception, Kenotronix has provided the foundation for digital agencies to take projects further while gaining the trust of clients. It is a partnership that is essential to the success of all parties.

The Agency Partner Program identifies and enhances the hosting experience for organizations that rely on many of Kenotronix’s services. Our goal is to make sure you receive our highest level of support and to thank you for being a partner of choice.


While other reseller programs only talk about commission rates, ours stands out because you can set your own margins. That’s right, you choose how much money you make on each product, all white label, without any logo or mention of Kenotronix. It feels good to have that power, right?


Enjoy 40% off qualifying purchases 100% of the time.

The Kenotronix Hosting Program is absolutely free and was created to help anyone who dreams of starting a web hosting business, as we did in our younger days, while using Kenotronix products. It’s always nice to have someone give us a “break” when starting out!