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Whether you have a blog, traditional media or influencer, Kenotronix gives you the framework to reach your audience.

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Basically, the web is about publishing content. And that’s why content editors have a special place at Kenotronix.

Some of the web’s most prominent publications and influencers are with us looking for solutions to their hosting problems. Blogs and media sites need all the power we can give them, and our goal is to deliver them efficiently.

Why host media sites with Kenotronix?

Optimized for uptime

We have high standards of uptime and are constantly working to ensure your hosting stays up and running. If we need to perform maintenance, you will know it and we will work with you to minimize its impact.>

Completely secure

When your audience can come from anywhere, so can threats. We closely monitor our platform servers and our robust security tools can protect (and cleanse) your sites.

Resiliently designed

You know your regular traffic, but every once in a while a post stands out. Our hosting solutions increase resources to accommodate the unexpected, without punishing you.

Ready to influence?

Bring your content to Kenotronix and be sure we’ll be ready to expand their reach with speed and ease.


Our platforms have been designed with content management systems in mind. And if you want fine tuning, our cloud service includes a customized version according to your needs.


We use top-of-the-line hardware and top-notch data centers because all of this helps produce consistent and exceptional performance.


Web publications are closely related to their hosting platforms, and even the best developers will face unexpected issues. We're here 24/7/365 to help you solve them.

Web Advertising

By deploying a social advertising strategy focused on community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing and more, the Kenotronix team strives to provide their clients with a carefully thought-out social media marketing strategy. planned and tailored that will drive sales, bring in new leads, and provide the audience with exactly what they need, to help them accelerate their business growth and generate new leads.

How can our expertise help your project?