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Get direct support from our most experienced experts. They will configure, monitor, optimize and secure your servers when you need them most.

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Advanced support goes beyond our standard service, alleviating the burden of installation and maintenance.


Get direct support from our most experienced experts 24 hours a day. Our leading support agents can solve the most complex problems.


Get complete visibility into performance incidents and their resolution. We monitor everything from CPU usage to Apache and MySQL processes, proactively finding and mitigating issues.


Protect your sites with the included security pack with our Leading Support. This includes tools like malware removal and a firewall, all in one convenient place.


Move up to three sites per month. Advanced support agents handle the transfer for you, with adjustments available up to two weeks after the migration is complete.


Migrate your site to a new content management system or change the WordPress theme without any problem. Leading Help Agents can handle these tasks and more for you.


Make sure you are getting the best possible performance from your server. We will adjust things like Apache or NGINX settings according to the needs of your sites.

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