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Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice applications on their cellphones? Organize remote business meetings via web conferences without the need for apps? Respond to customer inquiries via website live chat? With the Kenotronix PBX, they will be able to do all of this and more! Whatever your plan, you are guaranteed a hassle-free PBX that requires minimal management.

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PBX: reinvented for teleworking

Video conference: Without application and easy to use

Live Chat: Maximize Web Conversions

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We offer flexible and comprehensive online marketing plans and strategies so that you can take advantage of our full range of digital marketing services to dominate the competition.

PBX for hotels

Hotel PBX systems are an essential component of the hospitality industry. This demanding and growing business requires an effective communication system to help hoteliers respond to guest requests, coordinate with internal staff members and deliver accurate information across all departments. The Kenotronix Hotel PBX has been designed to ensure that your customer satisfaction levels are always met and that positive TripAdvisor reviews keep coming.

PBX for call centers

Give your call center agents all the information and knowledge about a customer's history in one central location without having to go through different departments to get the information they need. Customer satisfaction is greatly improved. Kenotronix also improves agent efficiency with the Call Flow Designer, allowing you to automate and eliminate these tedious tasks.

Chat extension for WordPress

Convert your website visitors to leads for free with the Kenotronix Live Chat extension. Start chats with visitors, receive offline chats, get detailed reports, and watch your conversions skyrocket.

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