The big advantage of a cloud architecture is that it is possible to add or remove processing power at any time without downtime.


When your site downtime costs you money, a consistently responding site becomes the solution. A tailor-made high availability solution will ensure you eliminate all single points of failure


The design of new data centers is driven by a range of applications ranging from high intensity climatology to internet applications such as web search, language translation, collaborative internet applications, video streaming and voice over IP . For supercomputing and cloud computing, the network enables distributed applications to communicate and interact in an orchestrated and efficient manner.


Increasing the physical resources of a server has limits and does not guarantee a level of service. This is when load balancing designed specifically for your applications comes into play.

Kenotronix cloud computing

Public cloud

A public cloud is typically configured by the user through a control panel and / or a RESTful API. Cloud servers can be created in seconds, easily adjusted, and deleted whenever you want. You only pay for what you use with our cloud servers. We offer on-demand pricing, as well as discounted pricing for users who plan to deploy their resources for 12 months or more.

Additionally, we have created one-click installer apps for the most commonly used server setups like LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Node.js, October CMS, cPanel / WHM, etc.

Private cloud

A private cloud offers you the same redundancies as our public cloud offering, but with dedicated hardware. Our team will work with you to custom design a private environment that meets your business needs. It is also possible to install any supported operating system. Plus, you get redundant network, power and storage. We can also configure custom replication clusters to reduce the risk of failure. With replication, each of your servers is synchronized on two different physical hosts. If one fails, it will fail over to the other machine. The private cloud is ideal for those dealing with particularly sensitive data that cannot afford outages.

Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds. For your highly sensitive data and critical workloads, you can deploy a custom private cloud environment. For less critical development environments and workloads, like customer-facing websites, these can be easily deployed on our public cloud. This type of hybrid environment is especially useful when combined with container technologies such as Docker. Your less critical applications can be updated frequently and maintain their high reliability in our data centers, while keeping your sensitive databases isolated in a private cloud.

Managed cloud

A managed cloud is initially configured by our technicians, and returned to you once installation and basic configuration are complete. The managed cloud also offers configurations with Kenotronix firewall and intrusion detection system solutions for added security. These important safety measures are administered by our technicians. This gives you the peace of mind that additional security brings with an optimally configured server environment. If a user needs a more complex setup or doesn’t have the technical resources or the time to devote to it, managed cloud is usually a great choice.

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