Check this out If you are hosting your e-commerce store on a shared server.

Check this out If you are hosting your e-commerce store on a shared server.

If you are running an online e-commerce store, you must have the right website hosting for your website. Due to poor uptime, security, and unmanaged web servers, many businesses failed. So before hosting your online store, make sure you go through the following points to book your success. 


  • Brilliant uptime

To ensure high returns, uptime plays an important role. You must ensure that your website will be available even if patching or upgrading is going on. Your chosen hosting platform must ensure a fast and quick load time – 99.99% uptime. 


Most customers leave if a website takes too much time to load. Also, check if the hosting provider provides CDN, a network of servers spread across a wide area to maintain a fast website. Constantly monitor your uptime with available tools.  


  • Easy Scalability  

An eCommerce website must be highly scalable to handle an unexpected surge of traffic to the website. At such times your eCommerce hosting plan must provide the required resources to accommodate this surge., such as CPU, RAM, Storage, and others. This helps in improving your shopping experience.  


  • Storage and bandwidth

Ecommerce websites are filled with so much data, such as images, videos, and ads, that they end up taking in a lot of space on the hosting server. So, you must ensure that the web hosting provider provides you scalable storage and bandwidth to scale up with the increased products on your website. If you do not choose the plan wisely, you will pay a considerable amount to cater to your storage needs.


  • Security

Most eCommerce websites store their customers’ personal and financial information to make the shopping experience personalized and smooth. But, customers expect to keep such data safe. 


As an e-commerce store owner, ensure that your website is highly secure. Also, check if your hosting provider provides advanced security features like Firewalls, SSL certificates, Malware and DDoS attacks detection, monitoring, etc.


  • Consistent support

Even if you choose the best eCommerce hosting provider, your website might suffer some issues. Your hosting provider must help you with those issues and provide an immediate fix. Whether your website speed is impacted, you need to scale resources to meet your business needs, and you must offer 24/7 support.  


If you have an online store, make sure to choose a good eCommerce hosting provider. Due to inefficient website management, too many businesses have faced poor performance and high customer bounce rates.

But what makes a great eCommerce host? We have mentioned some of the key features you can consider while going online.

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