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Web hosting has changed the way of working around the online business market. However, web hosting has various options, but cloud web hosting is mostly preferred over another hosting.

Earlier, only a few web hosting providers offer cloud web hosting services. Once it has gained popularity, many hosting companies are offering this as their hosting options.

After the introduction of cloud computing technology, cloud web hosting providers have gained momentum and are widely adopted by many companies worldwide for the better and seamless working of their websites without any downtime in real-time scenarios.

In this article, we will discuss Cloud web hosting, its features, who can use it, and some commonly used providers.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting enables companies to use an extensive computing service without having the equipment and relevant infrastructure at their disposal.

Cloud web hosting allows you to use as many resources as per your changing business requirement. Ensuring such scalability can save costs for your business based on a pay-per-use strategy. Also, you can avail as much storage capacity as your business requires.

Cloud web hosting allows you to use multiple servers that helps in balancing the load and maximizing the uptime for your website. Your website can access resources from a cluster of servers. In case any of the servers fails, the load will be handled by another server on the cluster, maintaining zero downtime.

Cloud web hosting approach is a little different from other hosting services-

Generally, shared hosts work on a centralized approach where a single server handles multiple websites. But if that single working server goes down, it will impact all the functional websites on that server.

On the other hand, cloud hosting works on the distributed approach that solves this problem of relying on a single server. It allows each website to be “distributed” across multiple servers in a data center, and you will experience no downtime if a server in the cluster faces any problem.

Who can use Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is the best solution for any online business in many aspects. Any medium to large enterprises and growing businesses are ideal for using cloud web hosting services.

It helps the business to scale at a great pace. You do not have to worry about the plans and pricing, as you have to pay only for those services and resources you are using.

However, every business tends to grow in the future and tends to increase website traffic over time. Having a great cloud hosting provider will help you to handle the traffic efficiently without impacting the performance of the website.

Implementing cloud web hosting may work in a different way for every business.It might help to grow some businesses but may not be valid for some businesses. It is essential that you understand your business perspective and how you want your website to work.

If you are a small-scale or a start-up, you might not need cloud web hosting services as there is less chance of business growth. For such a business, you can opt for another hosting alternative to working better for your business.

Features of good Cloud Web Hosting

Below are the features that you should consider while choosing the right cloud web hosting services.

Flexible pricing- with cloud hosting services, you will have the option to pay for the services that you are using. It will not cost you monthly or annually whether you are using or not using the services available in other hosting services. So, if you have hikes in traffic, you can easily scale the resources accordingly without worrying about unnecessary spending.

Ensuring High uptime- unlike traditional hosting where the website will be down if the server goes down, but in the case of cloud web hosting, where the workload is divided among several servers. If one server goes down, it will not impact the working of your website, ensuring a great uptime.

Ensuring high speed- if you are opting for cloud web hosting, there is no doubt that you will experience extremely fast speed, enhancing your website’s capacity. It will also manage the load balancing among various servers.

Ensuring server safety- cloud enables the hosting site to be isolated from the physical server and keeps the server safe from being hacked, system overload, and other accidental activity. It will immediately shift your website from a defective server to another without creating any downtime.

Easy server management- with the introduction of cloud technology, it has become easier to install and manage high-end servers on any platform. It allows you to scale up and down your business requirement whenever required without impacting the performance of your website. Also, you do not have to worry about any technical knowledge while opting for cloud web hosting.

Scalable traffic- opting for cloud web hosting allows your business to work efficiently while scaling up and down the traffic and managing the resources accordingly.


However, you can find various web hosting options available in the market. It does not matter what the size of your business is; if you belong to an online business, then opting web hosting service is a must to have a great online presence.

If you want your website to excel in the market without impacting the performance, you must go for cloud web hosting providers. There are plenty of cloud web hosting providers, and you can choose as per your business requirement.

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