Existing Kenotronix customers (“Referrer” or “You”) who refer a new customer (“Referred Customer”) to Kenotronix may receive hosting credit equal to the first month of the new Sponsored Customer service plan (“Reward”). ). The sponsor and the sponsored client are collectively referred to as “participants”.


The sponsor must be an existing Kenotronix customer with an account in good standing.
The sponsor must either (a) generating a referral link associated with the referrer’s Kenotronix account and sharing the referral link with a referred customer for their use; or (b) inform the referred customer to enter the sponsor’s domain associated with the sponsor’s Kenotronix account in the “Sponsored by” field of the shopping cart at checkout.
In order for the referrer to qualify for the reward, the referred customer must (a) have an active Kenotronix account, (b) register for Kenotronix services and (c) retain Kenotronix services for at least 90 days, charge. paid and in good standing.
The Sponsor will receive a reward for each referred customer who meets the above requirements, which will be verified by Kenotronix (“Sponsor”) in its sole discretion. After verification, each reward will be credited to the sponsor’s Kenotronix account in a timely manner, but in no event more than four (4) weeks after verification.


The Sponsor and the Referred Customer are responsible for ensuring that all Kenotronix contact information and account details are current and valid.
Referrals and referred clients must be at least 18 years of age on the service start date.
Referrals and referred clients agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, tax and local laws and regulations.
If the Sponsor and / or the Referred Customer does not comply with any of the Program Rules or the Sponsor’s Privacy Policy, to be determined at the Sponsor’s sole discretion, the Sponsor may not be eligible for the Reward.


The Sponsor reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, or to change, interrupt or discontinue the program for a period of time or permanently with or without notice.
Referrers are responsible for all applicable taxes associated with receiving the reward, which is not transferable and cannot be redeemed.
This program is void where prohibited and is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. In the event that any provision is found to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable or illegal, these Program Rules will remain in effect and be construed in accordance with the Terms as if the invalid or illegal provision were not contained herein.
By participating in this program, each participant agrees to be bound by (i) the Kenotronix Referral Program rules; (ii) the decisions of the Sponsor, which are final in all matters relating to the Program; and (iii) Sponsor’s privacy policy.


References are subject to verification at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any person found to be in violation of these Program Rules. Any attempt to willfully interfere with these Program Rules, to damage any website, or to interfere with the administration, security or legitimate operation of the Program, is a violation of criminal and civil laws, and Sponsor reserves the right to the right to seek damages and / or other remedies (including attorney’s fees) from all those responsible for such acts to the fullest extent permitted by law, which may include prohibition or termination disqualification of participants from this program and future Sponsor’s programs.


By participating in the program, each participant confirms their understanding and compliance with these official rules. Entrant hereby releases Sponsor, Facebook, Inc., Twitter, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, officers, employees, or any third parties acting with or on behalf of Sponsor in connection with the Program (collectively, ” released parties’) from all liability for any cost, claim, loss, injury or damage of any kind (including, without limitation, any special, incidental or consequential damage) resulting from participation in the program or ( use of) any awarded award. The participant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the parties released from any third party claims regarding the program, use or misuse of the reward, without limitation. None of the Released Parties assumes any responsibility for any bodily injury or property damage or loss of any kind, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages that may be suffered to computer equipment. of a participant or any other person resulting therefrom. an attempt to participate in the program or download information in connection with participation in the program or use of any website or software. Without limiting the foregoing, the Award or any website is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use or non-infringement.


The program will be exclusively governed by Quebec law. All disputes arising from the program, including, but not limited to, disputes regarding the existence and validity of the program, will be resolved by the competent courts in Quebec City, located in the province of Quebec, and each participant consents to the jurisdiction of these courts.