This Managed Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and between Kenotronix (“Kenotronix”) and you, and is effective on the date of electronic acceptance. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of your use of the Kenotronix administered services (the “Service”), and together with the Kenotronix terms of use, the Privacy Policy and all other agreements incorporated by reference herein, represents the entire agreement between you and Kenotronix relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all other agreements, proposals, communications and understandings, written or oral, between Kenotronix and you, other than as incorporated by reference in this Agreement.

Your electronic acceptance of this agreement signifies that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this agreement, as well as the Kenotronix Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which are incorporated herein by this reference and available to you. exam here and here . By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that your use of Voips.ms services is subject to the voip.ms Terms of Service, a separate agreement between you and 9171-5573 QUÉBEC INC, a current version of which can be found here .

In this Agreement, when we say “you”, “your” and “Customer” we mean the owner of the Kenotronix account and the person using the Service. When we say “we”, “our”, “we”, “Supplier” and “Kenotronix”, we mean Kenotronix. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer on a third party. the rights or benefits of the parties, except where specifically granted herein.

We may, in our sole and absolute discretion, change or modify this Agreement, and any policies or agreements incorporated therein, at any time and such changes or modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting on this site. Your use of this site or the service after any such changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance of this agreement as last revised. If at any time you do not agree to the terms of this agreement or any of the policies of our website, immediately stop using the service and close your account (s). We may, without obligation, notify you from time to time of changes or modifications to this Agreement by email. It is therefore very important that you keep your account contact information up to date. We assume no responsibility for your failure to receive important notification if such failure results from inaccurate contact information.


The service, including the various service levels, is designed to help you with your telephony services by leveraging the human expertise, tools and automation of Kenotronix. The telephone infrastructures that we design are built and integrated with voip.ms for the telephone links.


Initial response time

Kenotronix will provide an initial response to your request for support services within the timeframe specified below. Emergency and urgent requests, as defined below, apply only to services with supervisory alarms. The initial response does not guarantee a resolution time.

Emergency: If you cannot access the Service from the public Internet, preventing you from performing business transactions, we will provide an initial response to emergency surveillance alarms within fifteen minutes. Emergency only applies to the fully administered service level.

Urgent: If the Service is not performing well or performing below optimization, but the failure does not impact business transactions, we will provide an initial response to urgent monitoring alarms within four hours. . Urgent applies only to the fully administered level of service, as defined in the service guide.

Standard: If the service is operating normally, but you need information or assistance, want to schedule maintenance, or need the completion of any other non-immediate task, we will provide an initial response to your request for support services within twenty-four working hours.


If we violate the SLA, you may request a credit of ten percent (10%) of your monthly support charge, but under no circumstances will this credit exceed $ 250 CAD per month. You must request a credit within thirty (30) days of the incident through a request for assistance services. Credit is forfeited if the service is terminated for any reason. Credit has no cash value and cannot be transferred or converted into a refund. Credit does not include applicable taxes. Credit is your sole remedy for any failure by Kenotronix to comply with the Service Level Agreement.


Support services

Kenotronix support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, subject to any other provisions applicable herein. Client is responsible for maintaining the Client’s websites and other applications.

Additional modules

Customer may add additional “Add-ons” services to the Managed Services service level offerings for an additional charge.

Support method

You must submit all support requests directly to Kenotronix using the contact details provided in your account. You agree not to submit requests directly to Voip.ms.

Third party providers

For issues involving your vendors and third party vendors, all communication from Kenotronix should be coordinated by you. You also acknowledge and agree that Kenotronix is not responsible for any services or support provided by or to any third party vendor or seller. Kenotronix has no obligation to communicate with third party vendors. If this service is available, additional charges may apply.

Database setting

If you have any issues with your database, for an additional fee, Kenotronix can provide consulting services. Time spent investigating and providing advice will be billed by the hour and Kenotronix does not guarantee any specific results. This service may not be available in all markets.


This section replaces the billing section of the Kenotronix Terms of Service and all terms and provisions included in this section.

General billing

Kenotronix charges for the use of voip.ms associated with the Service, in addition to the support charges for Kenotronix and any additional services.

Billing for services administered by Kenotronix begins on the day of the welcome call, the date on which the customer’s debit or credit card registered in the account center will be debited, unless payment by wire transfer has been arranged at the reception. ‘advance, which is subject to additional conditions, including your sole responsibility for paying the transfer fee. Payment terms may also be subject to additional verification, including, but not limited to, credit check, as determined solely by Kenotronix.

Billing is generally done on a 30 day cycle. The customer’s first payment is whichever is greater between the minimum support charge or a percentage of the expected usage of voip.ms. The integration date will correspond to the anniversary of the service and each following month, the support fees will be collected on or around that date. Services, such as support charges and the use of voip.ms, may be billed separately. Any anticipated billing usage is only a projection and may not reflect the actual balance.

Billing statements become available around the anniversary date of the Service and can be retrieved via: (i) moncompte (ii) electronic mail; or (iii) postal mail. Kenotronix has the right, but not the obligation, to email a copy of the billing statement at least to the account holder. The customer is responsible for setting and maintaining billing preferences. All fees are subject to change at any time, and such changes will be posted online and will take effect immediately without requiring further notice.

Term commitment

If you want to change your billing commitment, you can request to change the billing terms by sending us a support request. If an annual term has been purchased, it cannot be converted to a monthly term until the term commitment has ended. Additional restrictions may apply.

Overdue balance

Payment is due at the time Kenotronix generates the initial invoice in the account center. The myaccount account is considered overdue if Kenotronix does not receive payment within ten (10) days of the invoice date for any service. The account may be suspended or closed if the account remains overdue beyond ten (10) days from the date of invoice. To reinstate the Kenotronix Account, full payment of any balance must first be received by Kenotronix.

payment methods

Kenotronix accepts the following payment methods (each, a “Payment Method”): Visa, MasterCard, checks and wire transfer. The payment method you specify first will be set as the payment method for the Kenotronix account, unless you change it in moncompte. We will not honor any limiting, modifying or conditional rating you make with your payment method. You agree that you will be responsible for all bank transfer charges, inbound and outbound, associated with your account. You hereby expressly authorize Kenotronix to reduce your account by the amount of wire transfer charges incurred by Kenotronix in order to receive your funds.

You are responsible for ensuring that the payment method recorded in the file is up to date at all times and that the Kenotronix account balance is kept up to date. If the payment method for the account is a credit or debit card, Kenotronix and / or our payment processor may store the credit or debit card (s) in a database for future renewals. We may automatically attempt to collect payment from any payment method left on file, without notice, when a balance is due.

Unauthorized Transactions

At Kenotronix’s sole discretion, upon receipt of sufficient documentation from an unlisted contact, requests to remove a stored payment method from the Kenotronix account may be honored. In such event, Kenotronix may reimburse unauthorized charges collected from the Payment Method on behalf of the Account. Refunds issued in connection with such a request will result in an immediate delay of the account and the refunded amounts will be reassessed on the account. To avoid interruption of service, you must make payment of the outstanding balance and related charges within 72 hours of our notification. Otherwise, the account may be suspended or closed for non-payment.

Credits and reimbursements

Credit issued to the Account (“Credit”) by Kenotronix is not redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred. Any amount of store credit you do not use will remain in the account for two years or until the account is closed. Credit issuance is solely at the discretion of Kenotronix.

Kenotronix may, at its sole discretion, issue the refund either (i) in the form of a credit, (ii) via PayPal, or (iii) by check. Kenotronix also has the right, but not the obligation, to offer credit for customers who request a refund, although there are no limitations on refunds imposed by the payment provider, the payment processor or the individual issuing bank associated with your payment method. If we issue a refund to your bank account, PayPal account, or debit / credit card, it may not appear in your account immediately.

Promotional offers

Discount and coupon codes only apply to the Service to which they apply. Discount and coupon codes are only valid for the initial purchase and will not affect the renewal or recurring price of any service, unless a recurring discount is specifically referenced in the coupon or promotion and only to the extent stated in that coupon or promotion. Discounts offered after purchasing or agreeing to purchase the Service are not applicable. In the event of any downgrade, upgrade or closure of the Service to which the reduction or coupon code has been applied, the reduction offered in connection with said discount or coupon code is considered null and void. Discount and coupon codes have no cash value and may not be transferred or used for subsequent purchases, downgrades, upgrades, or changes to any service. Abuse of the discount code or coupon is not permitted and may result in the suspension or closure of the Kenotronix account or a retroactive adjustment of the associated fees. Kenotronix reserves the right to end any discount code or promotion at any time without notice.


You agree to pay all prices and charges due for the Services purchased or obtained at the time of ordering the Service, in addition to any recurring charges. We may assess any charges associated with the account and suspend the account until full payment of the outstanding balance has been received. We may also attempt to collect payment of the amount due (including any associated charges) from any other payment method registered on the account.

We expressly reserve the right to change our rates and rates at any time. In addition, we reserve the right to adjust the amount of resources allocated to the plans at any time. In the event of a change in price or charge, a notice will be posted online on this website and will take effect immediately without the need for further notice. If you have purchased or obtained Services during a period of several months or years, changes or modifications of prices and charges will take effect when the Services in question are renewed.


Regardless of the reason a credit, debit, or PayPal payment is withdrawn by a financial institution, a NON-REFUNDABLE chargeback fee of $ 35.00 will be charged to the account for each chargeback we receive. These fees are in addition to the amounts owed on the account and to any fees assessed by the financial institution. Upon receipt of any chargebacks, we will immediately reassess the associated charges and suspend the account and all services until you fully comply with the instructions set out in our notice to you regarding the chargeback. We may refuse to authorize credit or debit, PayPal, or automated payment from you in the future. Upon receipt of any third chargeback, we may close the account without notice; we may also attempt to collect payment of the amount due (including any associated charges) from any other payment method registered on the account.

Miscellaneous billing arrangements

In the event that a billing dispute arises, either by you or by Kenotronix, the dispute must be delivered in writing to the other party within thirty (30) days of the disputed transaction.

All monies are payable to Kenotronix in Canadian dollars (“CAD”) only. At our sole discretion, we may reject or convert to CAD any payment other than CAD, using the exchange rate in effect at the time of conversion used by our payment processor.

If, in our opinion, your purchase constitutes a high risk transaction, we may ask you to provide additional documents to validate the purchase.

If our attempts to collect payment from the registered credit or debit card (s) fail and any of the services on the account become delinquent due to our inability to collect payment from your payment method, the account may be suspended or closed for non-payment. Under no circumstances will Kenotronix be liable for any action we may take against you due to our inability to collect payment from your Payment Method. All communications we may send to you regarding our inability to collect payment from your payment method are sent as a courtesy only.

You agree that Kenotronix is not responsible for any costs or expenses that you may incur, including, but not limited to, overdraft and insufficient funds charges that you may incur on the part of any financial institution or another third party as a result of our attempts to collect payment from your payment method. You agree to take full responsibility for all costs or third party expenses that you may incur as a result of our billing actions.

No credit or refund will be issued for non-use of the Service or cancellation of the Service.




Your account

Before launching your new service with Kenotronix, you must register for a Kenotronix account through the website. During the registration process, you will appoint an account holder, and that account holder cannot be changed, subject to the terms of use. During this registration process, Kenotronix will also create a voip.ms member account for you, which is consolidated under the main Kenotronix voip.ms account. For our purposes, the lawful owner of the member account is the owner of the Kenotronix account, and all other provisions set out in the contract terms of use apply to the voip.ms member account as if that entity were the owner of the Kenotronix account, unless otherwise specified. While consolidating, you will not be able to access the billing console functionality in the voip.ms. console.

New services

Kenotronix builds new virtual environments based on custom architecture and sound advice. For customers with existing telephone environments hosted on voip.ms, Kenotronix will work with customers to restructure and migrate the existing platform to a platform supported by Kenotronix. Kenotronix will make a good faith effort to create an environment for the Service centered on Customer’s business needs. Kenotronix does not guarantee that this environment will be fully compliant with the objectives desired by the Customer.

Reasonable requests

You agree that all requests are reasonable in nature and fall within the scope of the Service purchased. Failure to keep your account in good standing may result in termination of any pending or pending service without refund or credit.

Provision and schedule of services

A welcome call will generally take place within two weeks of the date the contract is signed. The date of the welcome call is the start date of the supply and the start of the service.

Content submission

You are responsible for the submission of all content. You agree to respond to any request for additional information, material, identifying information, comments or approval within a mutually agreed time frame.

Account security

You are solely responsible for the security of your Kenotronix account and any other application, extension (plug-ins) or add-on. You must protect your account information and your passwords. You are also responsible for maintaining the security of the Account, in accordance with the Terms of Service. We expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any unauthorized use of or access to your account or any device.


Unless otherwise stated herein, this section replaces the TERMINATION section of the Kenotronix Terms of Use and all terms and provisions included in this section. For any other applicable condition or provision of section F not mentioned herein, the conditions and provisions of the general conditions of service will apply.

As long as the Kenotronix account is open, this agreement will come into effect and certain conditions will continue even after the account is closed. The terms set forth herein that govern the Account, the payment of fees for the Service, the resolution of any disputes between us and other terms that survive in nature, continue to apply even after the account is closed.

Your right to close your service

If the customer wishes to close the service or account, the indicated account holder must submit a termination request (“BTI”) through myaccount. Requests to expedite service or account closure may be honored in certain cases, at Kenotronix’s sole discretion, any request to expedite closure should be submitted through a written support services request. Additional restrictions may apply.

Termination of the support service

The customer is 100% owner of the member account and if the customer no longer wishes to use Kenotronix to support this member account, notwithstanding any obligation to meet term commitments or outstanding payments, the customer can request to separate it from the main account. at any time by submitting a written Support Request for Services. The customer may be required to enter into an assignment agreement with voip.ms in order to complete the legal transfer. If the customer does not submit a BTI through myaccount, the service will remain open and the customer is responsible for all charges that arise during that time, even if the customer no longer uses the service.

Our right to terminate the service or account

Kenotronix has the absolute right and power, in its sole discretion, to terminate your service or account in any of the following circumstances: (i) we are required to do so by law; (ii) you, or any of your account contacts, violate any provision of the Kenotronix service agreement terms, the voip.ms customer license terms, or any other agreement incorporated herein or in the service; (iii) we receive notice of any insolvency proceeding; (iv) whether, in our opinion, your use of the Service is likely to cause harm to Kenotronix, any of our affiliates, partners, service providers or customers; or (v) Excessive complaints regarding a website hosted by the Kenotronix service (s) are received. In the event of such account closure, you will not be eligible for a refund of fees and you may be prohibited from reopening the account, opening a new account or accessing any Kenotronix Account. You agree that Kenotronix is not responsible for any shutdowns under this section of this Agreement.

Termination of service

Within ten (10) business days of Customer’s termination of the Service and upon Customer’s written request, Kenotronix will transfer ownership of the Customer’s Member Account to Customer. Kenotronix will remove all non-client voip.ms accounts, groups, roles, and federations prior to the transfer of account ownership. The transfer of the credentials of the voip.ms root account will be done through an encrypted data transfer. Kenotronix is not responsible for any violations resulting from the transfer. Billing will be reconciled after termination due to the use of voip.ms overdue billing. The customer is responsible for any unpaid balance and must pay such balance in accordance with the terms of this contract.

Effects of suspension

In the event of suspension of the Kenotronix account or service, the service may become unavailable until all issues are resolved by you to our satisfaction.

Reopening of a service or an account

Once closed, the only services that can be reopened are unexpired domain name registrations and SSL certificates, if the Kenotronix account is open and in good standing. The account holder is the only person authorized to reopen the account. If the account holder is unable to authenticate to the satisfaction of Kenotronix, the account holder must complete a verification process, which may include filling out a form and submitting a voucher. government issued identity. Any unpaid or unpaid balance must be paid before we proceed with a reopening. Reopening an account does not mean that we are willing or able to restore your content.


The terms set forth herein that govern the Account, the payment of fees for the Service, the resolution of any disputes between us and other terms that survive in nature, continue to apply even after the account is closed. This agreement and all account services will automatically renew and you will be charged additional terms until the account is closed by you or Kenotronix in accordance with this agreement. All amounts and charges due up to the closing date are completely NON-REFUNDABLE. You agree to hold Kenotronix harmless against any claim, loss or damage resulting from the suspension or closure of the account or individual service.


Limitation of services

We are not responsible for failures caused by voip.ms, or any other third party.

Your delay

Our ability to offer the service and provide successful support is dependent on your timely feedback and approval. We are not responsible for any additional charges, time or expense incurred due to delays caused by your no response or untimely access, account access, delivery of assets, feedback or approval.

Extension (Plug-ins) / Add-ons

We are not responsible for the maintenance of any third party add-ons or extensions added to your website. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your add-ons or plug-ins remain up-to-date, secure and functional. Kenotronix may, in its sole discretion, choose to provide support for third party extensions or add-ons. Such support should not be construed as a continuing part of the Service, unless expressly agreed in a written Addendum to the Services.


If an update fails, Kenotronix will revert to an earlier VPS image or revert the configuration to a previous working state. Kenotronix is not responsible for any loss of content or any other problem that may arise.


Acceptable Usage

You acknowledge and agree that you will not use the Service in any way that violates the Terms of Service Agreement, the voip.ms Client License Terms, Kenotronix DMCA Policy or any other agreement incorporated herein, as determined by us. at our sole discretion.

Intellectual property

Customer owns all data submitted to Kenotronix for inclusion in the Service, in addition to the voip.ms architecture and configuration created by Kenotronix for Customer use.


You authorize Kenotronix to manage your voip.ms account and to perform work on your behalf. Under no circumstances will Kenotronix be liable to you, or any other person or party, for any work that we do on your behalf.

Agent for third-party software

We may install third party software as part of the Service. Where such activity requires acceptance of an end user license agreement (or similar terms), you hereby authorize Kenotronix to accept these terms on your behalf, agree to be bound and adhere to these terms, and acknowledge that you, and not Kenotronix, are bound by these terms.


You acknowledge and agree that you will protect, defend, indemnify and hold Kenotronix harmless from and against all claims imposed or incurred by us directly or indirectly resulting from your use or misuse of the Service, any third party software or applications or files. You acknowledge and agree that all Third Party Providers are Third Party Beneficiaries of this Agreement for the sole purpose of enforcing their rights under this Agreement. Kenotronix is not responsible for service interruptions or other changes made by voip.ms or any other third party.


The titles and headings of this Agreement are provided for convenience and reference only and should not be used in any way to interpret or interpret the Agreement of the Parties as set forth herein. Each pact and agreement of this Agreement shall be interpreted for all purposes as a separate and independent pact or agreement. If a court of competent jurisdiction considers any provision (or part of a provision) of this Agreement to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions (or parts of provisions) of this Agreement shall not be affected by it and shall be found. . be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.


This Agreement, together with all applicable policies and product agreements identified above and incorporated herein by reference (collectively, the “Agreement”), is executed in the French language. To the extent that a translation is provided to you, it is provided for convenience only, and in the event of a conflict between the French and the translated version, where permitted by law, the French version shall prevail and shall prevail. When the translated version should be provided to you and should be considered binding by law (i) both language versions have the same validity, (ii) each party acknowledges that it has considered both language versions and that they are substantially the same in all material respects, and (iii) in the event of any discrepancy between these two versions, the translated version may prevail, provided that the intention of the Parties has been fully taken into account.


Capitalized terms used but not defined herein will have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms of Use. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of the General Conditions of Service, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.